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A website is a carefully designed online workspace where a business showcases its services and products. A website is the digital representation of your physical premise and operations. Let’s help you quickly design a modern, professional and secure website tailored to the unique needs of your business.

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Get found instantly through an attractive website, the number of visitors coming to your website directly translate into the number of opportunities your business has at giving an impression, generating qualified leads, showcasing your products / services and building deep connections. All our websites enable you monitor visitors, discover their interests, behaviors and preferences at a click of a button from anywhere at any given time.

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Let your customers order from you at anytime from anywhere, start your online retail journey with LOGOS from online stores to web shops, we have you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked Web pages about a business or organization sharing a single domain name e.g. www.logos.co.ug. Together, all publicly accessible websites form the World Wide Web (WWW). In simple terms, a website is the online version of a physical entity hence the name “website” which means a premise (site) located on online (web).

A website is a folder located on the host server will all web pages, images, videos, etc. viewed on the website. The host server is a powerful computer which capability to broadcast websites all the other world, a service which we pay for called web hosting. You must at all times have a copy (backup) of your website stored on your personal computer, CD, DVD, etc.

Of course, YES, in the Information Era, we google for the things we need and are interested in. Secondly, the web is the first place most customers go when looking for products and services. Having a Website builds credibility and trust instantly, helps you cut on unecessary expenditure while delivering quality services, enables you reach new markets fast. Your physical business doesn’t operate 24/7 but a Website does, anyone can access you at time form anywhere.

There are so many reasons why this would happen however the most obvious is “why” and “how” was the website built? Did you have an online marketing plan with a clear communication strategy prior to building and launching your business? And what value do visitors get from your website? Do you track who visits the website and why, these and many more are the reasons websites do not deliver the desired Return on Investment. Click on this email to learn more: support@logos.co.ug.